Advantages of the members club

The friend’s club of the Cortijo was founded with the objective that Cortijo friends could enjoy diving the most with great advantages and more comfort, but above all with the objective to share the good moments that the water offers us in good company .

Every year we are improving. This year, for example, by extending the installations of the school, so it will be easier to organize events and enjoy the Club all year long.

Every two month the Club organizes a schedule for activities of every kind and for every liking: diving courses and seminars given by specialists, lunch or dinner on the roof deck of the school, diving trips outside the park...

This are all the advantages you can enjoy during the year:


As a member you have the renewal of your diving insurance included.

Storage of your own stuff

You can leave your own diving gear in the school for as long as you want. We will take care of them, lubrify the zippers, put talc on the sleeves and protect the neoprene of your suits...

Discounts in the shop

You will have a 10% discount on all the items in the shop of the Cortijo. In addition you will benefit from special offers and items with a very low price, etc.

Discounts in excursions and formations

We offer special prices for the courses and dives to our members.


Enjoy the dive with your partner, without worrying about your little ones. They will have fun as well. The Cortijo is the perfect place for children to play and have a great time.

A present for a friend

You will have one discover scuba diving free every year to make one of your friends happy.

First dive

We give you your first dive of the year or one dive of a formation as a present so you can refresh your level of diving.


It includes a yearly review and cleaning of your regulator (1st stage, two 2nd stages and a manometer) and your jacket (kits and spare parts not included).

Cortijo T-shirt

Every year you will get the new T-Shirt of the Cortijo. You just have to tell us your size.

Mask band

Because we know you like to personalize your mask, every year you will get a new neoprene mask band.

No extra costs for night dives

Our members don’t pay extra for a night dive.


If you dive with nitrox, you can dive with enriched air nitrox up to 40%, without extra charge.

Flat rate for members only

Just as a member you can take advantage of a flat rate and dive as many times as you want all year long.

Advance booking for our travels

All the trips of the Cortijo will be offered first to the members so they can book them with priority and be sure they have space.


We organize dives in different diving spots in Spain. There are lots of opportunities to dive in friend’s centres and have a great time there.

Master Class

In the school, professionals will talk about biology, photography, diving spots, rebreathers and so on – free for members.

Make your friends members

For every friend of you that will become a member, you will get an extra dive as a present – and your friend as well.

If you are interested now, you can enjoy all these advantages for 120€ a year. If you are already a member, the renewal will cost you just 110€.

The registration is very easy. Just click here Become a Member and fill out the form.

Still not a member? Let’s go!

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